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Anaesthesiology is a practice of medicine specializing in administering medical drugs so that people can undergo difficult surgical procedures without pain. The Jain Multispecialty Hospital Department of Anesthesiology in Ujjain  possesses cutting-edge technology and fully integrated procedures to ensure that they use the safest and most comfortable techniques to provide anesthesia care. Our comprehensive anaesthesia methods utilise a broad range of therapy techniques to ensure a wholesome patient experience. The department’s personnel develop cost-effective systems for giving excellent care to match the patient’s specific requirements. Their singular goal entails reducing a patient’s subconscious mind to bring about the restorative advantages of the method.

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There are 4 types of anaesthesia that a doctor uses according to your health condition and the procedure of your surgery:

  • Local anaesthesia

    Numbs one small area of the body. You stay awake and alert during the procedure.

  • Conscious or intravenous (IV) sedation

    Uses a mild sedative to relax you and pain medicine to relieve pain. You stay awake but may not remember the procedure afterward.

  • Regional anaesthesia

    Blocks pain in an area of the body, such as an arm or leg. Epidural anaesthesia, which is sometimes used during childbirth, is a type of regional anaesthesia.

  • General anaesthesia

    Acts on your whole body. You go to sleep and feel nothing. You have no memory of the procedure performed


In the Jain Multispecialty Hospital Department of Anesthesiology in Ujjain , we have a team of highly skilled anesthesiologists dedicated to providing exceptional care:

Meet Our Dedicated Team

  • Dr. Shruti Jain DNA (Anesthesiologist)

  • Dr. Harshvardhan Choudhary DNA (Anesthesiologist)

  • Dr. Ravindra Kharade DNA (Anesthesiologist)

  • Dr. Tapan Sharma DNA (Anesthesiologist)

  • Dr. Kaustubh Tripathi DNA (Anesthesiologist)

  • Dr. Ashwini Bagade DNA (Anesthesiologist)

  • Dr. Anand Yadav DNA (Anesthesiologist)

  • Dr. Deepika Agrawal DNA (Anesthesiologist)

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